Brien Sweet

Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar


Brien Sweet is known around Boston as a unique quirky musician, so it's very fitting that he would take on the role of channelling David Bowie. He's performed in original alternative rock bands Safer By The Shore and Rock and Roll Rumble alumni Band Without Hands. Always eager to please any crowd, since 2008 Brien has also fronted the NH based party band Reckless.

Favorite Bowie Album: Low

Favorite Bowie Song: "Lady Stardust"

How many times did you see Bowie live?: 2 very very fortunate times!

Major Tim

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Major Tim

Major Tim has secretly been playing guitar alone in his basement for fifteen years, but the opportunity to pay tribute to Bowie and his legion of talented guitarists was important enough to overcome his strong preference for solitude. His favorite breakfast cereal is Count Chocula and he hates mustard, but other that that, all of his biographic information is top secret.

Favorite Bowie Album: Aladdin Sane

Favorite Bowie Song: Five-way tie; "Station to Station", "Panic in Detroit", "Life on Mars", "Rebel Rebel", "Tis a Pity She Was a Whore"

Tim Marten



Tim has been drumming for years, most recently with Boston rockers Feints He also fronted heavy indie-pop project The Audiants for many years. David Bowie’s music has been the soundtrack of his inner life for decades, and he is excited to be honoring the master with the Young Americans.

Favorite Bowie Album: Aladdin Sane

Ten Favorite Bowie Songs: “Lazarus,” “Panic in Detroit,” “Life on Mars?”, “Everyone Says ‘Hi’,” “Look Back in Anger,” “Looking for Satellites,” “Because You’re Young,” “Be My Wife,” “Slip Away,” “China Girl.”

Jake Kuss

Bass Guitar / Vocals


A past avid gamer, Jake has been a Bowie fan since first hearing his songs on the PC video game "Omnikron the Nomad Soul" in the 8th grade. This introduced Jake to the "Hours" album, and further exploration of Bowie's catalog of music made him a huge fan

Favorite Bowie Album: Station to Station

Favorite Bowie Songs: Sound And Vision, Ashes to Ashes, Moonage Daydream, Golden Years, The Man Who Sold the World, Fame, Jean Genie

Allison Sigrist



Allison has been playing keyboards since she was a kid, when she would play her synthesizer along to her favorite songs on the radio. She then studied piano in college, but was knocked off track by a severe case of Brahms-induced tendonitis and switched her focus to bass for a while (which she currently still plays in the Queen tribute Gunpowder Gelatine). Allison has come back to keyboards in the last few years and is enjoying digging deeper into Bowie’s tunes beyond just the radio hits. She’s a huge fan of glam rock, despite outward appearances - inside she’s all glitter, velvet and feather boas. She also plays keys in the B-52’s tribute band, Bikini Whale and the original synth-punk/dance-rock band Petty Morals.

Favorite Bowie Album: Hunky Dory

Favorite Bowie Song: Changes

I managed to catch him on his last tour when he came through Boston in 2003.